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Server Room


Transforming towards a New Digital Age of Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Cloud Computing

Global Trends in Data Residing in Cloud Servers

  • Sourcing of Data

  • Collection of Data

  • Storage of Data

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Dichotomy of Resources vs Size of Company
  • Edge Computing versus Cloud Computing

  • Challenges of Resources Small and Medium Enterprises versus Large Size Enterprises

  • Who supports Small and Medium Enterprises in transformation towards Cloud Computing?

Cloud Services & Hardware Support

Supporting Small & Medium Enterprises in South East Asia for the following:

  • Redundancy Network

  • Hardware Rental & Lease

  • Joint Project Programs

Harnessing of Big Data via Cloud Servers
  • Understand Consumption Behaviour

  • Predict Future Outcomes

  • Facilitate Scenario Planning

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Small and Medium Enterprises Challenges
  • • Digitalization

  • • Cloud Services

  • • Automation

  • • Efficiency

  • • Scalability

  • • Competitiveness

Rent & Lease Program
  • IT Equipment costs continue to escalate rapidly in recent years

  • IT spending for small to medium enterprises pose a challenge as they try to enter and engage in the AI arena.

  • Leasing of High Cost Servers

    • Viable point of entry for smaller companies

    • Efficient usage

  • Agreement

    • Size and capability of the intended server(s)

    • Various choice of brands, specifications

Collaborating at Work
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